L’équipe d’Andy et Greg

Jędrzej Jaxa-Rozen, 48 ans (no problem, you can call me Andy 🙂
1986-1996 parachutiste, 960 sauts.
when I got bored with skydiving, in 1992 started paragliding (it was
something new and cheap, too 🙂
Depuis 2001 je vole comme pilote handi, took part in a number of
competitions and even was able to win once. Was flying a lot around the
Nowadays I fly less paragliders because 1) I started flying sailplanes and
2) I was able to organize paragliding training for the disabled in Poland
and I can’t fly as much when I teach my Fruwersi students 🙂
Participation in Hand'Icare Cup is fulfilment of my dreams – for long years
I was flying as the single disabled pilot in Poland and always wanted to
meet anyone else. Still there is not much of us flying, so making as many
friends as possible is important for opening skies for the disabled.
Gregor Kuik 53 ans
Pilote parapente depuis 2001
I come from north Poland near the Baltic Sea. Since it is flatland, I tried
motoparagliding, but stayed with Cross-country flights from a winch start.
Now I live in Germany and fly both winch near Hamburg and abroad. My
personal record is 200 km done this January, when Jedrzej showed me
Kerio Valley in Kenya.
When I met him I learned that disabled person on the ground becomes
fully able in the air and look forward to meeting more positive people in
St Hilaire.